One Judge, Two Judge, Three Judge…Four




“My beautiful son was born February 24, 2010. My family and I were not allowed to even lay eyes on my son until he was sixteen months of age.”

We filed a motion for visitation in the Sixteenth Judicial District Court Of Kane County; and the journey begins…”JUDGE ONE”


The mother of my son denied paternity, so our visitation motion was put aside until paternity could be established. Mother wouldn’t agree to paternity, another court date was necessary to have an order entered forcing Mother to provide child for paternity test. PATERNITY ESTABLISHED…99.99% he’s mine :~D

Now back to setting up visitation, Judge Morrow deemed it necessary to delay this process for four more months, but was certain to establish child support immediately. FINALLY visitation hearing date is here, “today is my day.” Or so I thought, Judge Morrow granted not one but two more continuances. Then after the continuances, opposing counsel comes in and requests a “GAL” of which he also requested “Sharon O’hara”, Judge Morrow quickly interjected and demanded “YOU DON’T DECIDE WHO IS THE GAL…I DO, but Sharon Ohara sounds fine.” WTF? This went on for a looong time. 

Judge 2…Janes…this guy was even worse. Oh yea, I’m not sure why the Judge transferred our case, after months and months he realized it was in the wrong court room and should be handled by Judge Janes. Every time we would enter the court room of Honrable Judge Janes, he would take stock of how many people were in the room, most likely dreading the day before him. We filed a motion for visitation again after the GAL report and opposing counsel suggested severely supervised visitation due to the GAL report making reference to Mother’s claims that father harassed her via “electronic communication.” That’s write, your eyes aren’t deceiving you…”harassment via electronic communication.” Yea…it’s a real thing! Not physical abuse, not threatening her, literally “HVEC.” Judge Janes agreed. So the first time we got to meat  that cute little guy was at the Kane County Family Center. This went on for a couple months, we go to our next court date and request normal visitation. Opposing counsel argues that the “harassment via electronic communication” that allegedly occurred, three years prior is still of grave concern and supervised visitation is still warranted. Judge Janes agrees but now, he’s forcing us to visit my son inside the Spring Hill Mall of West Dundee for four hours every Saturday and a couple hours on Wednesday at the local Chuck E. Cheese with a family member doing the “supervising.”  At this point, we’re so excited to we think it’ s only for the time being. This schedule quickly wears old. My wonderful son is such a joy to be around and so full of energy but there is only so many times you can go to Super Bounce inside the mall before you start losing your mind!

Judge 3…I don’t even recall his name. After wasting a few months time, the courts,Judges, who ever decided that this case was not suppose to be in this court room so further delays ensue. 

Judge 4…Busch.

Now at this point I’ve been through five, yes five attorneys and I’m on my sixth and his name is Jon Fox of Oldfield Fox. I explain the story to Jon just as I did his five predecessors. I told him that the Judges don’t take time on the case, they always rush it through the call, every single attorney prior to him has done pre-trial conferences/ 402 conferences against my wishes and every time they return from the Judge’s chambers they screw me over ( I will name the attorneys I went through at the end of this report.) Jon assures me that he will not allow things to continue the way they are. Jon was a referral from a friend and at this point I’m a bit wiser than I was the lawyer before. So I started figuring out that attorneys that work within the county of your case don’t like to cause waves with Judges and other attorneys, therefore how can they possible represent you with any competence? If a situation is not right and it requires correcting, an attorney is suppose to be bound by law to do that…WELL THIS IS REALITY AND REALITY AND LAW ARE NOT ONE IN THE SAME! I told Jon that I’ve raised my daughter on my own since she has been 1yr old when her mother passed from Cancer. Jon typed up his motions and arguments and sent them to me for approval. I was blown away, he was the first of all the attorneys to use case law, even mention my daughter and recommended having a court reporter present at our hearing date. I was getting excited about the new found legal help, but my excitement was curbed by my having been here before, only to have been let down by our system and the Judges within it. His pleadings “DEMANDED” immediate correction of visitation to be unrestricted or that they provide evidence that I’m a danger to my child. He sited the Judge and opposing counsel were breaking the law. So my day in court comes and what would you know…DING, DING, DING no more restricted visitation and now Judge Busch seems to be actually following the law and give unrestricted visitation. 


Since my getting unrestricted visitation Judge Busch has allowed opposing counsel/ Mother to file five Rules to Show Cause alleging that child support has not been paid and asking that I be incarcerated immediately. At every single court hearing, myself or my counsel would present to the other side that their allegations are frivolous and baseless and every single one was withdrawn. Judge Busch did has not done a single thing to prevent them from this harassing behavior. 

On 04/22/2014 a hearing was held on Mother’s motion for sanctions because my son told my family that his mother’s husband of less than a month “showers” with him and “touches his wiener.” All of which were later confirmed by a Forensic Interview performed at the Child Advocacy Center at the request of DCFS. Judge Busch was made aware of Detective Mcintyre from the Schaumburg Police Department lying under oath and informed that proof in the way of a Court Report, Police Report and Audio recordings were present for him to review so that his decision in the Sanctions case before him would be in my favor. Judge Busch dumbfounded by this evidence made an excuse not to want it and ignored my attempt to present it as evidence, but instructed me to take it to the State’s attorney and hire a lawyer. How do we as voters and tax payers allow this? Do people even know that Judges are voting for? 

The courts are allowing Mother to harass, get more and more money and interfere with visitation and not doing anything about it.





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Hanover Park Police Ripping Citizens Off

March 6, 2014 around lunch time, I was getting my hair fresh at Famous Fadez on Irving Park Rd. While I was in the middle of getting my sides faded, the wonderful secretary was kind enough to announce that a cop was outside issuing a ticket to whom ever was parked in the front of the building. I immediately jumped up and ran outside, cape still on as if I were a superhero 🙂 I motioned to the cop asking which car he was issuing a ticket for and he pointed to my silver truck. I walked up to the officer’s window as he was parked perpendicular behind us (blocking us in) and knocked on his window. Officer Diaz reluctantly rolled his window down, so I inquired as to why he was writing me a ticket. He stated “because you are parked in a handicap parking spot and this place has been warmed several times.” I asked him to show me what indicated I was parked in a handicap parking spot and he rolled his window up. I couldn’t help but feel like if a citizen had done that, he would have most likely been shot or at the very least had glass shattered in his face from the officer smashing his window. I immediately pulled my android phone camera out and started recording, the officer writing and putting the ticket on my windshield as well as underneath my vehicle and the handicap sign and marking that was present but not where my vehicle was parked.

I immediately went back to my office and drafted a response to the ticket requesting that the matter be set for hearing and asked for discovery in the way of how many tickets were issued at that exact location by the Hanover Park Police Corporation. About a week later I received a notice with my hearing date of April 14, 2014 at 9am in room 210 of the Rolling Meadows Court House, but not so much as an acknowledgement for the request of tickets issued by Hanover Park Police Corp. for this exact location.  So now…I wait.

April 14, 2014 comes and I’m psyched to have my day in court. I arrive in the court room and take stock of the 100+ victims sitting in the courtroom, wondering what everyone is “guilty” of. As I sit and wait for my name to be called, case after case is being called and dismissal after dismissal is being handed down from the Judge for everything from failure to use a turn signal to not having proof of insurance at the time.  It made me immediately think back to how many times I’ve seen cops make multiple turns and never once use their signal. Feeling a bit aggravated to this fact, I couldn’t wait for my moment to exploit this non-sense.

“Steven Jones” finally my time to shine, I approach the bench and the Judge asks what I would like to do? I respond by saying “I’d like to set this matter for hearing your honor and I’m ready to proceed.” The Judge replies by saying “we’ll have a hearing for this matter today, just not right now” and he passed the case. I sat back down and started to mentally prepare my case and while waiting for my case to be called again it became clear that Hanover Park Police Corp is doing the Proverbial…”throwing a bunch of shit against the wall to see what sticks.” If they issue $25,000.00- $50,000.00 worth of citations per day and let’s say half of them get dismissed, that’s still $12,500.00-$25,000.00 per day. I’m in the wrong line of work…that is an amazing way to Rip off the citizens and make tens of thousands of dollars per day…that’s MILLIONS of dollars each year. That’s not including all the other revenue generating factors they perpetuate every single day.

“Steve Jones” finally my turn, it seemed like I had waited all day for my name to be called the second time. I approach the bench, with the State’s Attorney to my left and Officer Diaz standing beside him. The Judge asks if either of us have any other witnesses we’ll be calling and we both said “no.” Judge has clerk swear us all in says this will be a relaxed hearing…not formal. Judge then says to state “call your first witness”, state “we call Officer Diaz. Officer Diaz proceeds to state his name and I suspect spell it for the record even though there is no record but I’m sure he’s just doing what he’s done time and time again.  State “Officer Diaz can you tell us what you observed on the day in question?”  Officer Diaz proceeded to tell “I witnessed Mr.Jones’ vehicle parked in the front of Famous Fadez and that is a single space, handicap parking spot that has bright yellow and clearly defined hash marks of which Mr. Jones was clearly parking on.” At this point I’m saying to myself “keep digging yourself deeper and deeper into that hole!” Little does Office Diaz and Mr. State’s attorney know I’m about to present “THE SMOKIN GUN” and by smokin gun I mean the piece of  evidence that would prove Office dipshit, I mean Diaz is a lying POS that is perpetuating Hanover Park Police Corporation’s endeavor to defraud and embezzle from the voting, tax paying citizen of their town! When do we say enough is enough and take a stand for this type of behavior?!?! We elect these crooks and then people are to stupid, too lazy or both to do anything to make a change. Now I had right on my side and took these morons to battle and justice prevailed. But not before Office Diaz issued me a citation, I took off of work to exploit these morons and listen to a Judge that should have a non-bias position tell me that he’d love nothing more than to fine me $500.00 so they can “make some money” and that’s absolutely PREPOSTEROUS.

The moral of this story is to help people understand how important it is to not just conform, like so many people do and always, always, always have a video camera with you.

Good luck in all your endeavors and should you ever have a question regarding this matter or related matters, we’re always happy to help.

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2013 Real Estate market…

We specialize in helping Americans achieve their dream.

We specialize in helping Americans achieve their dream.

If I had a nickel for every time I was asked “how long do you think it will take for the market to recover?” I would…quit my day job.

I’d like to start by saying…”The market is back and better than before!” Home prices pre-recession were so inflated that it was tough to for the average hard working individual to get a GREAT deal on a home. Most properties sold in less than 120 days and often had multiple offers on them, making it nearly impossible for the middle-class to get a deal like they would in today’s market.

“Light-Switch” is the coined phrase for what happened at the end of 2012, beginning of 2013. It was as if someone flipped a light switch and turned the market back on. Housing sales are up 50% and interest rates are at an all time low. There is enough inventory to allow for home-buyers to get a “Steal of a Deal” on a home and get a great interest rate to go along with it…  The recession caused a tremendous amount of hardship for many Americans and while I’m certain that if you were to ask 100 different American citizens what they thought should be done about it…you’d get one-hundred different answers. One thing is for certain, doing nothing will get you nowhere.

Banks vs Brokers: this is probably one of the oldest and seemingly most difficult conundrums home owners face when considering financing for their home. This will be covered in another blog…”Banks vs Brokers.”

We are here to help in anyway possible. If you have ANY and we mean ANY Real Estate related questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Shane Jones

Area manager

BuyIt Realty

1051 W. Golf Rd.

Hoffman Estates IL, 60169

P:  847-489-3934

F: 815-846-0950

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